“I Am Stronger Than the Storm,” is a declaration to help you bring any fears you may have under subjection. It is a decree that puts the enemy on notice that you are no longer allowing him to come against you, your family, your ministry, etc.
There are 28 women within this devotional. That’s 28 testimonies of God’s greatness and 28 days for you to be inspired and motivated. I am so honored to lead this incredible group of women who have written these devotional entries of healing.
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Tweening LIke a Princess was constructed by 7 tween authors who share ways tween girls can go to God when they experience different things.  They discuss dealing with bullies, being courageous, learning to deal with loneliness, and the importance of having confidence in yourself.  Each author shared how they overcame personal experiences through prayer and having a relationship with God.  AVAILABLE NOW!! Click the link below to purchase.

Including letters and poems from over 20 Phenomenal Black Women from around the world, MVM is continuing to do the work of centering our trials and triumphs like only we can. MVM was intentional about being For, By & About Black Women. AVAILABLE NOW!! Click the link below to purchase.

Queening is an anthology of women sharing their personal journeys to self-love and self-worth.  It is a collection of stories that show how God turned their negative encounters into His glory.  As they battled the struggles of low self-esteem, unhealthy relationships, and negative sense of self, they never gave up on God and God never gave up on them.  These are strong women walking in their light and QUEENING IT! After all their trials, God gets the glory!! AVAILABLE NOW! Click the link below to purchase!

Momming and Queening is an anthology of mothers sharing the trials and triumphs of motherhood. These ladies seek to empower mothers by being transparent and honest about their experiences with depression, anxiety, infertility, being a single mother, and more all while rocking this things called motherhood.
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I Am More Than Enough is a written anthem that covers overcoming perfectionism and body image, healing from childhood trauma, surviving sexual abuse and domestic violence, dominating the workplace, and loving the essence of our hair. As you read the stories, you will be able to connect on some level.

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