You may have read the “About Me” page of Queendom Come, but here is where I go into a little more details about me. Soooo, 6 years ago it was placed on my heart to create a blog. I was 30 years old and was experiencing so much growth and maturity that I wanted to share my journey.  I created a “starter blog” to get started and get my creative juices flowing, and I inconsistently maintained that blog for 3 years until I just allowed life to consume all my time and creativity.  I no longer felt inspired, and I think I fell into a functioning state of depression.  I will get to that in a future post, but in a nutshell, I just walked around existing not living, mental survival.  Now, here I am again ready to take a huge of leap of faith and get this ball rolling again.  It has continued to be a burning desire in my heart, and I have made the connection that perhaps, it is my purpose.  Who knows? I won’t know until I do it, right? I have been encouraged to step out on faith and trust that what is meant to be, will be. HE has equipped me with all I need to be successful. All I need to do is trust the process.  I have gained more knowledge and insight to so many things so why not use it, right? Well again, I began to think, what would be the purpose? What would I talk about? What would I call it? Actually, as I began to share my desires with trusted individuals, these were legitimate questions that I was asked, and it made me realize I needed to be serious about this and cannot go into this lackadaisically. So, I started to think about where I struggled the most and what advice I would have needed in times that I was lost and confused.  It led me to this: Queendom Come.  I wanted to create a haven for women to grow into the women we were destined to be. Not because of any titles we may have inherited but because of what we have been gifted with.  Whatever that may be. I am beginning this journey to reach my highest potential and wanted to encourage a tribe of women doing the same.

So, ahem! Let me re-introduce myself. I am Alesha, and I am a wife and mother of 2 girls.  The idea of this blog came simply because I started to realize I was losing myself in mommyhood and wifey-hood (yes, I constantly make up words). I found myself asking, who are you? What have you become? It was like all of my interests and desires where dwindling. All of who I was, was wrapped up in who and how I was as a mother and wife. I am learning the importance of maintaining my identity as Alesha. It has been a journey that I plan to document as I navigate my way through this world and hopefully you guys join me for the ride.

Ok, so more about me. I have degrees in Psychology and Counseling and have several credentials behind my name, but that is not important right now, or is it, hmm? Nah, not really. Anyway, I consider myself a little bit of everything hence the different nicknames I give myself. I am down to earth and can be somewhat of a “free spirit.” I march to the beat of my own drum at times, and I am ok with that.  I am not one to be into whatever is “trending.” As a matter of fact, I am usually late and lost when it comes to what is happening in today’s world. For instance, I know very little about the latest music and artists, movies, fashion trends, sports, etc.  Don’t get me wrong, I am open to schooling myself or being “put on” to some things (especially music), but my friends and family already know, I’m clueless half the time. Quite frankly, I’m ok with that too.  I am happiest when I can be myself unfiltered and that means even in my clueless moments. I am who I am!  I am introvert so people sometimes see me as shy, timid, and/or uninteresting.  Whatever the case, I see myself, as a little bit of everything.  My roots are in Louisiana, but I grew up in Texas so there are mixtures of different influences that live in me.  I am definitely flawed (aren’t we all?). I consider myself a “beautiful mess.” There are many things that I am constantly working on, but that’s the beauty of life.

I love many things, like shopping, reading, shopping, writing, did I mention shopping? Ok, you get the point, but really, the one thing that always soothes my soul is music. As a child growing up, I wanted to be a singer. I LOVED Whitney Houston and thought one day I would be a star like her. Needless to say, I just didn’t have the “Whitney” talent. Anywho, I ended up on a different path. I was a counselor for 6 ½ years of my life and still uphold some of my credentials but have stepped into a different career path at the moment. However, I loved being a counselor and still love all things healing and healthy.

Overall, I think I am a pretty, cool woman.  I am attempting to live life on purpose. As I grow spiritually, I gain more knowledge and understanding of manifesting my destiny and aligning with His will.  I am learning to be more intentional with my actions and not letting life pass me by.  Therefore, I am not at a “final destination” yet because I don’t think that place exists.  I think true happiness and peace is a lifestyle. It’s a journey. It’s experience after experience. So, through this blog, I hope to empower and encourage others by sharing my stories, little snippets of my life, my inspirations, my knowledge, and any wisdom I have gained through my life’s journey that may help others.  I hope you are ready to join this Queendom of fierce women. Here’s to re-launching this thing…Let’s go!!!

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