Just Do It

I’m back!!  I know, I know! It has been a while since I have posted, and I am a bit disappointed in myself for that.  However, it has been a lot going on, and in all transparency, I just couldn’t get myself worked up to post.  So, to bring you up to speed, I have been taking some big leaps of faith! I have become a part of another anthology, The Courage to Be Free, which I am honored to be a part of.

I have also taken on my own anthology project called Momming and Queening. This has been a testament of how I am learning to trust God and know that if I just take the first step, He will take it from there.  When I first got the idea to do the anthology, I immediately started dismissing the idea. I thought no one is going to want to collab with me. No one would want to invest in the fee it takes to put it all together.  After speaking with the publisher, I was encouraged to go ahead and do it.  My mantra for 2021 has been “Just Do It” even if I am terrified, just do it!  This was one of those things where I would just have to just do it!

Thankfully, after I posted on Social Media that I was seeking authors to collab with, several women reached out with interest.  God blessed me with 7 beautiful ladies to collab with.  Let me tell you, it has been such a rewarding experience to work with these women.  I am so honored that they chose to be a part of my first project.  Not only did I enjoy reading their stories (you will not be disappointed), but I also strongly believe that God strategically placed them in my life. I pray all the time that their experience was as much of a blessing as mine.   

Doors have opened for me in the past few months just as a result of me “just doing it!”  My whole mindset has shifted to anything is possible.  I am starting to get a vision that God is pushing me in a direction that will be unfamiliar territory for me but wants me to trust Him during the process. During the time when I was not posting on the blog.  I was receiving many messages, and one of them was you got to have FAITH.  Specifically, the message I was getting was just take the leap!  God doesn’t plant an idea if He does not have plans to help you manifest it.  The trouble we have is, we count ourselves out before we even try to see anything through, thinking that we do not have what it takes to make it work. Newsflash, you ain’t God!  It is not for you to worry or concern yourself with.  It is for you to just do it and let Him handle the rest.  I think of all the ideas He has placed on my heart.  I automatically get overwhelmed with thoughts of, how am I going to do that?  Guess what?  If you keep wondering how, you will never get started! So, I encourage you reading this, whatever it is that is in your heart to do, don’t count yourself out.  Just do it and watch God work! 

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