Let’s Celebrate!

A few weeks ago, I received a word by a friend that I needed to start to express myself more. I was told I needed to learn to celebrate myself and my victories, no matter how miniscule.  She went on to say that once I began to celebrate myself, more blessings and opportunities will come my way. This made me do a self-examination, and I had to admit, she was right on.

Humility is a weird thing to me. According to google, humility is a modest or low view of one’s own importance, humbleness.  We are taught to be humble and not to get a big head when it comes to our accomplishments and for me, that meant not to gloat or celebrate when I achieved anything, but to take it for what it is and keep it moving.  As I have grown into a woman, I come to see that that has been a detriment for me.  Any accomplishments or goals I have achieved, I rarely make a big deal of them, and if someone else does, I am grateful to them, but in the back of my mind, I am thinking, it is no big deal.  I may paste on a smile and muster up a thank you or even “act” more excited than I am, just trying to take in the moment, but for the most part, I have trained myself to not celebrate or express myself when it came to my achievements. 

I remember when I was preparing to go away to college. I was going to be miles away from home (an 11-hour drive), and for the first time ever, going to be on my own.  One day, I heard my mom talking on the phone saying, “She hasn’t really shown any emotion about it (going to college), so I guess she is ok.”  Going to college is a big deal. Not everyone goes and not everyone gets accepted to the colleges of their choice.  Here I was, someone who’d gotten accepted to all of the colleges I’d applied for, not fazed by it one bit.  It was a goal I set for myself, and I had achieved it.  To me, it was no biggie. I didn’t feel excitement or fear, I just saw it as a new chapter in my life that was a normal transition for me.  I think I tricked myself into not feeling to avoid sadness, fear, or worry.  Tricking myself caused me to not feel any other emotions either. Even the ones that were meant to make me happy.  I didn’t realize at the time that this type of mindset made me numb.  It wasn’t until I allowed myself to feel and explore that I began to appreciate where I was in life.  While in college, I began to come out of my shell (sort of), make friends, and truly take in the experience. As a result, those 4 years of my life were some of THE BEST years of my life.  I was open to receive what college life had to offer, and my blessings overflowed. From beautiful friendships, great professors, and priceless experiences and moments.

When I think of things in the spiritual realm, I think of the song that says when praises go up, blessings come down.  Celebrating yourself and giving God praise can go hand and hand.  Praising God for what He has done shows our gratitude and love of who He is.  When I choose not to praise Him as well as celebrate myself, perhaps it gives off ungrateful vibes, therefore, not attracting many occasions that truly bless my life.  Sure, I am blessed, but I could be hindering myself from receiving miraculous opportunities when I fail to acknowledge it.  Think about it. If you believe in the law of attraction, you believe that you attract what you constantly think and feel and/or give energy to.  When you give God praise, you express gratitude, exuding an aura of joy into the heavens that will in turn give you more to be grateful and joyous about.  Make sense?  I strongly believe that anything you water will grow and manifest a beautiful harvest.  This would include myself.  So, what does “watering me” look like? Well, it looks like being proud of myself, recognizing and acknowledging small victories, and being ok with patting myself on the back when I achieve goals, I may have set for myself.  It means acknowledging that I am favored and praising God for the many blessings He has bestowed upon me.  So, now that I have figured this out, it’s time to celebrate!! Be blessed y’all.

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